Sunday, June 22, 2014

A writer's dream coming true?

A writer's dream coming true?

My dream of being a writer began in college.   I wrote short stories for our newspaper and loved it. But my major was mathematics with a minor in physics, so creative writing was a luxury, better left for another time. During my technical career, I published numerous pieces, authored and edited a few newsletters, and provided columns to other newsletters as well as co-authored a book. But most of this writing was in the passive voice, not active voice (we will discuss these two voices later if you like).

Today, one of my strongest passions continues to be writing, creative writing, storytelling.  I love to craft a story that draws readers in, forces them to care about my characters, and keeps them reading until the sun comes up.   So far, I've published a short story and a number of travel articles on Ireland, all of which were well received.   But now I'm working on finding an agent for my first novel, She's Not You. If you've ever gone down that road as a first time novelist, you'll know what I'm about to say.

Agents now allow you to submit your query letter via email causing the volume of submissions to rise tremendously.  It's an easy way to contact an agent, it's free and it's quick. That's the good part; the bad part is that not all agents respond, maybe because of the number of queries they receive every day?  Many tell you in their submission guidelines that they will respond only if they are interested and provide you with a time frame.  However they choose to handle your submission, waiting and watching for their response to appear in your inbox is nerve-racking.

Speaking of queries, I have written and rewritten mine over and over again, seeking the words that will make an agent pick up his/her phone and say "Sold."   So far, alas, no luck.  We can discuss the query letter later... it's  probably the most important part of the submission process because you have only one chance to engage an agent.  And engage you must!     

I'm starting this blog as therapy for myself, but also to respond to other writer's comments and report the progress I've made in my writing and in finding an agent.  I'm hoping it will end up as a chronicle of lessons learned.  Please submit your lessons learned as well... these are teachable moments for us all!

Next time, I'll take you into my mystery as well my stories that are in the works.  And yes, the photo above is one of my other passions, my garden!  Till......