Monday, August 3, 2015

Three months later...

© Mary Licata, illustrator

Is my sister's dream complete?

Just when I thought that I had finished my sister's story, a friend and beta reader responded, "It needs some background?"  So I added a preface.  Then, I thought, "A preface in a children's book?  I don't think so."  I began typing and about an hour later, I had a chapter about the main character, a little girl named Lizbeth. This addition dovetailed well with the previously written chapters that dealt with other characters in the story

Chapter One brought Lizbeth, her town, mother and teacher to life.  The story felt grounded.  It had background, setting, and a foreboding that set up the rest of the tale.  The new chapter went to Mary, my fantastic illustrator and friend, and she immediately came up with three new fabulous illustrations - one is shown above.

The last time I wrote, I had sent out a number of queries.  Unfortunately, they went out without the new opening chapter.   I wanted my sister's dream fulfilled so much, that I violated my own good writing rule -- let the words sit for a week or so and then return and see how they read.

Since then, I have searched for possible agents/publishers for children's books who say that they accept unsolicited manuscripts for review.  Let's see what happens with these newest contacts.  Hopefully I will find a publisher soon for this very sweet story.

I miss my sister....  Yet, throughout these three months, I have felt connected to her, inspired by her to keep going as I wrote.

I've finished her dream.... I hope someone out there will fall in love with this sweet poignant story of a little girl named Lizbeth, who believes that she can do anything, even light up the lighthouse after it goes dark in a storm.  Lizbeth is spirited, big hearted. and is always finding herself in trouble --- for the right reasons.  If my sister so inspires me, Lizbeth may be in for many more adventures in the future.

Keep writing...  it is good for the soul.