Thursday, January 7, 2016

A look to the future...

First, I want to wish you all a healthy and happy 2016!  Sometimes it's hard to say goodbye to a year, but for me, I was glad to put 2015 behind me.  It was a hard winter with my sister so ill and then Spring came and she was gone.  There were Remembrance Services and Hospice gatherings.... 

December is always difficult for me as well - my Mother died on December 1st and my "sister"  (sister-in-law) on December 6th.  Those losses with the loss of my sister this year dulled a bit of the holiday spirit.  And then, to top it off, there were a few family health scares.  So I found it easy to let 2015 fade away.

I did manage to accomplished a few things - I wrote a children's chapter book, Fiona - the Lighthouse Firefly.  It was something I never thought I would attempt and yet I enjoyed it.  Then there were the children's baseball and hockey games, family reunions, and holiday gatherings.  As I look back, I'm hoping that all the highs and lows of 2015 will make me stronger, more determined to live my life to the fullest for all those not here with me.  And of course that includes spending more time being productive at my computer, creating new tales.  I'm even thinking of writing a sequel to Fiona...  maybe place her in peril?

I'm now editing my two novels and am hoping to publish them this Spring - I'm very excited about that.  Progress is being made.

Again, my wishes for a full and satisfying 2016.  Keep writing!  It's truly good for the soul.


PS:  I'm starting to work on the dreaded query letter for both of these novels... wish me luck :-(