Friday, June 3, 2016

Reliving old... making new memories!

I'm writing from campus because it's Alumni Weekend.  Given that I'm on the Alumni Board, I'm involved in many activities these next few days.  But I wanted to take just a moment to jot down a few  thoughts because a time like this is such a rich environment for a writer.  

Tonight will be wine tasting... I'm one of the bartenders :-) You know how bartenders always hear everyone's stories :-)   And tomorrow there is a BBQ and after that, I'll be loading the Duck Boats with Alumni.  If I'm lucky, there might be an extra seat for me.  I love these tours because the drivers relate so much history and many untold stories of the city and it's founding fathers... and mothers!

Being a writer makes a weekend like this even more enjoyable.  Just think of the tales that I'll hear as I wander the quad or drink with a group of classmates in the Cafe/Pub later tonight.  The pub wasn't on campus when I was here - we only had a coffee shop.  Times have changed haven't they?  But it's a wonderful addition to the College allowing the students to gather and unwind with classmates or boyfriends and girlfriends and enjoy a few quiet or not so quiet moments away from the books.  The revelers will be there late into the night this weekend laughing, reliving individual and group memories and recounting what has happened in their lives since they last met.  Some are planning weddings, some have children in college, some have grandchildren and talk of retirement, some have suffered great losses.  Many of us have wandered down roads very far from our original dreams.... are our lives better than we dreamed they would be or worse?  Sounds like some wonderful stories woven throughout this weekend including my own.  Never in a million years did I ever think my life would play out like it has... and other than the losses I've suffered, I wouldn't change a minute of it!

I'm off to join the 'gang'  -- will write more when I can.