Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hope Springs Eternal

Well, we are almost to the Spring/Vernal Equinox!  I'm sad in some ways to see the winter end.  It has provided me with hours in which to sit in front of my computer and write... in my castle.  It is too cold to do much of anything else.  I can, on a good day, sneak in a walk, but even then, my thoughts are circling around characters trying to create some new and interesting characteristics for them, to have their dialogue be more real and meaningful, to make them come alive for the reader.  During this long winter, I have been very productive - I've managed to draft two new manuscripts and produce ideas for a third.   

My first manuscript is still being circulated, with one agent still "reading" it.   My writer friends say that I might have a better chance with a second novel as many of them have - I sure hope so.  I'm dogged and not giving up.  As I write or revise my second story, I'm always on the lookout for an agent who might be interested in my first one.  I've been careful not to blast my query to every agent in existence.  I do my research and send queries only to those who seem to be looking for the type of story I have written.  Even though I have published a few pieces, it continues to be difficult to find an agent who is willing to take on a first time novelist like me ... or you. 

You must be experiencing the same type of responses that I am - a form email or nothing.  Most of the form replies say, "Thanks for sending me your query. I'm afraid this doesn't seem like the right project for me, but I'm sure other agents will feel differently. Best of luck placing your work."  All in all, not very informative.  Why doesn't it seem like the right project?  Is it because the story line doesn't peak your interest?  Or is the writing poor?  Or maybe the query  or the synopsis is poorly written?   Or do you just have too much on your plate to take on another author?  

 I have received informative replies... "I don't usually take on novels that are set in a small town ."  Okay, I can understand that.  Another agent said, "I have almost all the authors that I can handle at this time, so I'm going to have to pass."  Well, it sounded like she could have squeezed in another, but I wasn't me.  Another agent liked the synopsis and would have to think about it more.  Then again, many of the agents never bother to respond.    Maybe we should change places with them for a day and have them experience that empty inbox feeling.  Ah, but if that could only happen!! 

Well, time to return to my revisions.  

Keep writing, and remember, hope does spring eternal!